by Adam Armstrong

Burlywood TrueFlash Insight Announced

Today Burlywood announced its TrueFlash Insight solution. This solution analyzes traffic down to the drive controller level to see exactly how the flash storage is being used. Once is sees just how the flash is being used it can deliver an application-optimized environment that provides better performance, more efficient use of flash and longer drive life.

What is Burlywood TrueFlash Insight?

SSDs can come in multiple “flavors,” being provisioned for certain use cases. Getting the right drive for the job can save a company money, and more importantly, it can save downtime as the wrong drive can potentially lead to an early failure. While drives are marketing for certain use cases, Burlywood argues that there is still some guesswork. Its new TrueFlash Insight is a suite of tools that eliminates this guesswork. It does this through the monitoring of traffic patterns at the drive level. Through the monitoring it gathers telemetry, and provides robust visualization of these data combined with an SSD that can be tuned and optimized to exactly match the workloads running on them.  

TrueFlash Insight has the ability to gather hours or even days of telemetry from multiple drives. This is more important, as it gives a total picture of how applications perform over time versus a single snapshot in time that may not be all that useful. Insight goes hand in hand with Burlywood’s TrueFlash software to help companies develop the optimal SSDs for their given workloads. 


TrueFlash Insight is available as a service from Burlywood.  


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