by Adam Armstrong

Carbonite Enhances Its Disaster Recovery Portfolio

Today Carbonite, Inc. announced that it has enhanced its portfolio of both hardware and software disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Carbonite is also releasing five new backup appliances (ranging up to 8TB in capacity) and the latest version of Carbonite Server Backup – Carbonite Server Advanced. Carbonite offers SMBs lots of flexibility in DR with multiple form factors, including software-only, hybrid solutions and all-in-one mini-towers and rack-mounts.

According to IDC, an average hour of downtime can cost SMBs between $8,220 and $25,600. SMBs need a fast recovery in order to save costs and get business back up and running and without bare metal recovery, it can take more than 24 hours to restore an OS, reinstall programs, and recover data. This is where Carbonite steps in and offers its DR solutions that provide bare metal recovery to quickly restore a server to its original state, even to dissimilar hardware.

Carbonite’s portfolio of DR solutions is designed to give SMBs the ability to maintain their operations, avoid downtime, and do so in a manner that is more cost-effective and less complex than an enterprise DR solution. Carbonite offers a multitude of solutions, including on-site and cloud integration, to cover almost all types of disaster. Carbonite offers image backup to protect a server’s operating system, settings, applications and files to enable bare metal recovery, even to dissimilar hardware. They also offer granular database backup or databases such as SQL and Exchange.

Carbonite Server Advanced features:

  • Bare metal recovery and flexible, granular protection for their critical server data.
  • Image Backup and Bare Metal Recovery: Quickly restore servers to a fully functioning state from bare metal, even to dissimilar hardware.
  • Granular Database Recovery: Back up and restore databases, or even individual Exchange mailboxes, without having to restore an entire system image.
  • Local and Cloud Options: Set separate retention policies for local and cloud backups with hybrid technology that allows one to optimize storage consumption and recovery time.
  • Optimized RPOs: Ensure optimal recovery point objectives by tailoring backup schedules and retention.
  • Plan Flexibility: Protect servers only with Carbonite Server Advanced or servers and workstations with Carbonite Advanced Pro Bundle, which combines Carbonite Server Advanced and Carbonite Pro workstation backup.

Carbonite Backup Appliances features include:

  • All-in-one Hybrid Backup: Leverage local backup with Carbonite-provided hardware for speed of backup and recovery, and cloud backup for further data protection.
  • Image Backup and Bare Metal Recovery: Enable bare metal recovery to existing, new, or dissimilar hardware with image backup that protects an entire server in one pass, including files, applications, operating system and settings.
  • Advanced Management Capabilities: Monitor and manage all backed up devices from a centralized dashboard - including advanced scheduling, retention, and bandwidth settings to maximize performance and meet RPOs.
  • No Hidden Fees: Carbonite-supplied hardware is included in the annual subscription, along with service, support and a cloud storage starter pack. There are no per-device license fees.
  • Full Lineup for SMBs: Five new models offer mini-tower and rack-mount options with either 4TB or 8TB of local storage. All models include a cloud storage starter pack, and additional cloud storage can be purchased at any time.

Carbonite Backup & Recovery

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