by Adam Armstrong

Carbonite Releases Remote Workstation Backup Deployment & Management

Today Carbonite Inc. announced the latest version of Carbonite Pro, its workstation backup solution for both PCs and Macs. The latest release will enable administrators to remotely deploy and manage backups for all the workstations in their companies. Carbonite states this will simplify the data protection process and reduce the risk of data loss for small to medium businesses.

The latest version of Carbonite Pro gives IT administrators even more control over the backups of users’ workstations. Administrators can create backup policies and deploy the policies from a centralized web dashboard. The policies will define what should and should not be backed up and the centralized deployment will save time as well as prevent human error on the user level. The policies can be managed on an ongoing basis and changed when the needs change.

Features include:

  • Remote deployment and management: Carbonite Pro Prime administrators can remotely deploy Carbonite on an unlimited number of workstations and manage backup policies on an ongoing basis to ensure the right business data is being protected at all times.
  • Unlimited licensing: With no per-device license fees, businesses can back up an unlimited number of devices under one subscription – paying for more storage as they need it.
  • Security & compliance: Carbonite uses advanced encryption both on the computer and during data transfer to ensure data is protected. Additionally, Carbonite supports HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA compliance.
  • US-based support: Carbonite’s award-winning support team is available via phone, email and chat 7 days per week to help with anything from a free valet installation to file recovery.
  • Full suite of business solutions: Carbonite’s suite of disaster recovery solutions for businesses can protect a business’s entire data footprint, including workstations, physical servers, virtual machines, Microsoft Exchange Online, databases and live applications – and it’s easy to add on new services as a business grows.


Carbonite Pro is available now in three different solutions:

  • Pro Basic - Automatic file backup for unlimited PCs and Macs, plus 250GB of starter cloud storage.       
  • Pro Prime - Automatic file backup for PCs, Macs, file servers and NAS devices. Remote deployment and management of customized backup policies. 500GB of starter cloud storage.
  • Server Pro Bundle - Pro Prime workstation backup, plus the functionality of Carbonite Server Advanced, including hot backup of databases and live applications, hybrid (local + cloud) backup, support for virtual machines and Exchange Online email. 500GB of starter cloud storage.

Carbonite Pro

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