by Adam Armstrong

Caringo Unveils FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

Caringo has introduced its new secondary storage platform for tackling Windows Server storage bloat. Caringo Swarm and FileFly 2.0 power the new platform. The idea behind the FileFly Secondary Storage Platform is to take infrequently accessed unstructured data off of primary storage onto a more cost-effective tier.

Windows Sever storage tends to create lots of unstructured data that clogs up primary storage. Primary storage tends to be the fastest, most expensive, and most critical storage in any company. Having it full of something that is not immediately useful, can cause several issues including expanding and upgrading when not needed or wasting resources by attempting to evaluate what needs to stay and migrating the rest off. Caringo is offering a platform that adds an intelligent data transfer to what it is referring to as a “limitless tier of scale-out secondary storage at a quarter of the cost.”

As stated above, the FileFly Secondary Storage Platform is powered by Caringo Swarm and FileFly 2.0. The Platform automatically tiers data by utilizing policies based on file attributes and access patterns. Once the data is moved to the secondary tier, it is continuously protected and can be migrated back upon access. According to Caringo, the new storage platform is ideal for remote office consolidation, enabling collaboration and significantly simplifying data protection.

Features include:

  • Tier files based on policies
  • Generate advanced support notifications
  • Collaborate across remote branch offices
  • Aggregate files centrally from remote servers
  • Access files transparently with no application changes


The Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform is offered as a hardware or software appliance, including premium remote installation and training.

Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

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