by Adam Armstrong

Catalogic Announces General Availability Of ECX 2.1

Today Catalogic Software announced the general availability of the latest version of its copy data management platform, ECX 2.1. ECX software is designed to give administrators control over the proliferating data copies. Four months ago, Catalogic released ECX 2.0, which included data copy management, orchestration, analysis, and ecosystem integration. The latest release brings software-defined copy data management to all VMware environments.

Building off of the architecture of the previous version, ECX 2.1 delivers significant functional advancements to meet customer requirements and expands the IT environments that ECX supports. ECX 2.1 now supports the option to create an “off-host” copy data management (CDM) environment. The “off-host” approach uses VMware VADP to non-disruptively copy VMs from the production storage environment into an ECX-supported storage system (this will allow customers to use ECX 2.1 in all VMware environments).  The typical approach used by ECX customers would be “on-host” CDM where data copies are collected in the production environment. Either deployment option customers choose will deliver the same enterprise functionality.

The latest version also offers support for NetApp’s Data ONTAP 7-mode systems.  This support allows ECX to be deployed in any NetApp environment. Supporting all NetApp and VMware environments will enable customers achieve significant savings and improve overall operations.

Key features include:

  • Extended Ecosystem Support - In addition to Clustered Data ONTAP platform ECX 2.1 extends the intelligent copy data management platform to all VMware environments.  ECX 2.1 also extends support to Data ONTAP 7-mode systems.
  • Flexible Deployment Options:  In-Place Copy Data Management and Off-Host Copy Data Management - ECX 2.1’s software-only architecture allows for flexibility in deployment approaches and now delivers the option of creating an “off-host” CDM environment. 
  • Docker Deployment Option - ECX 2.1 extends deployment to either bare metal Linux or VMware hosts through Docker container technology. Docker-based deployment supports multiple host containers that distribute processing load and helps improve performance.
  • ECX Marketplace - The ECX 2.1 release also introduces the ECX Marketplace. Users will now be able to acquire features as they become available. With Marketplace, users can find new tools, utilities, reports, and updates in a single pane of glass.


ECX 2.1 is available today and starts at $5,000 per controller. A 30-day free evaluation is offered through Catalogic's website.

Catalogic Software's ECX Page

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