by Adam Armstrong

Catalogic Software Announces General Availability Of ECX 2.0

Catalogic Software has announced the general availability of the latest version of its copy data management platform, ECX 2.0. The software gives administrators control over the proliferating data copies. Once administrators can effectively manage, orchestrate, and analyze their copy data they can leverage it to lower costs while enabling mission critical business operations.

ECX manages the full lifecycle of Copy Data. The software is deployed as a virtual appliance allowing IT to leverage the existing storage investment without going to the "rip and replace" method of expanding storage. And ECX has several use cases including: leverage copy data by orchestrating and automating consistent SnapMirrors to automated disaster recovery, Test Dev, and analytics; next generation data protection through instant recovery and disaster recovery by leveraging snapshot data; hybrid cloud “killer app” that uses orchestration to leverage liquid compute resources in the cloud, and copy data analytics with advanced search, report and analyze.

ECX 2.0 is already in production in dozens of major IT environments thanks to Catalogic’s early access program. Notable early clients include: Hendrick Hospital, Panda Restaurants, eBay, Finanz Informatik, UK Ministry of Defense, US Army, and the US Special Operations Center.

Key features of ECX 2.0 include:

  • Data Copy Management – with simple one-click automation for all copy data workflows—from creation of copies, to usage, to expiration and reclamation. Creating these workflows through ECX saves administrators time, drives repeatability of best practices, and reduces the sprawl of snapshots that never get leveraged.  ECX should lower complexity and reduce costs.  ECX goes further by delivering SLA compliance and recovery assurance by providing exception-based reporting on all policies that are managed, as well as detailed logging which allows IT to troubleshoot failures faster and help get the systems back into compliance.
  • Data Copy Orchestration – Copies are created for a business function. One of the key value drivers of a Copy Data Management solution is leveraging Copy Data across the enterprise and cloud for multiple use cases.   ECX allows IT to automate and orchestrate otherwise complex data reuse scenarios for multiple business solutions such as recovery, DR, test/dev and analytics, simply and easily.  This orchestration includes storage and VMware infrastructures. 
  • Copy Data Analysis –Detailed insight and analytics are provided through advanced search, customized reporting, and through file level analytics.   
  • Ecosystem Integration – ECX is hardware and hypervisor agnostic, integrating with the copy and replication capabilities of ecosystem partners through extensible plug-is.  Currently supported platforms include NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, ONTAP 7-mode, CLOUD ONTAP, and VMware. 

Catalogic plans on future releases of ECX that will include: adding support for Hyper-V and AWS, adding heterogeneous agentless backup, broader ecosystems support, and an ECX deployment Cluster.

Availability and pricing

Catalogic Software's ECX 2.0 is now available starting at $5,000 per controller. A 30-day free evaluation is offered through Catalogic's website.

Catalogic Software's ECX Page

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