by Lyle Smith

Ceph Community Announces First Large-Scale Ceph Storage Microserver Cluster

The Red Hat-sponsored Ceph Community has announced the first implementation of a large-scale Ceph storage cluster environment developed by WDLabs. Touted as both cost-effective and energy-efficient converged microserver, the Community indicates that this is the first demonstrated solution that offers true flexibility of applications executing on a microserver. Super Micro Computer contributed to this collaborative effort by designing and offering a specialized chassis for disaggregated storage, core servers, and networking. Just last month, SanDisk and Red Hat worked together to create flash-based Ceph storage solutions.

This new large-scale Ceph storage cluster demonstration (which uses 504 WDLabs converged microservers) gives users the ability to load any operating system and software on the device. As a result, this allows Ceph storage to run directly on the drive. The Community adds that the implementation of the server also reduces costs when building-out future Ceph storage and Red Hat application clusters.

Additionally, the Ceph object storage daemon fits on each microserver, allowing for a flat parallel space. The microserver architecture is also set up so that it will localize a problem if a server becomes lost, all without affecting the JBOD drives.


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