by Adam Armstrong

Ceph Community Forms Advisory Board

At the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, the Ceph Community announced it will help drive the direction of open source software-defined storage (SDS) technology through the formation of an advisory board. Working closely with with the community’s technical and user committees, the advisory board will attempt to expand and enhance community participation and collaboration for the Ceph project. The charter advisory board includes individuals from Canonical, CERN, Cisco, Fujitsu, Intel, Red Hat, SanDisk, and SUSE.

“Ceph, The Future of Storage, is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware. Ceph has been developed from the ground up with the aim of delivering object, block, and file system storage in one self-managing, self-healing platform. With its highly scalable, software-defined storage architecture, Ceph is an ideal replacement for legacy storage systems and provides a unified solution for cloud computing environments. Ceph is the foundation of many commercial storage solutions and the brainchild of creator Sage Weil.”

The Ceph community has been growing tremendously over the past few years and Ceph is one of the most popular block storage solution for OpenStack deployments. Ceph is well-suited for cloud infrastructures, such as OpenStack. The new advisory board will promote participation and collect feedback that will aid in the success of Ceph software-defined storage project.

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