by Lyle Smith

Cirrus Data Solutions Announces Data Migration Server 3.0

Cirrus Data Solutions has announced the release of its Data Migration Server version 3.0, which expands the reach of live data storage migrations with zero downtown and no interruption of services and is built on proprietary and patented technology termed “Transparent Datapath Intercept.”

Data Migration Server (DMS) from Cirrus is the industry’s first block-level data migration appliance that is built from the ground up all the while eliminating production downtime during migration. DMS is also compatible with many types of data migration schemes such as: local storage refresh and local to remote (data center move), legacy to cloud (physical to virtual), cloud to cloud, cloud to datacenter, and other common storage management practices.

As mentioned above, DMS is based upon Cirrus technology called Transparent Datapath Intercept, which was designed with the belief that data appliances should look like a wire when installed into a live SAN. Due to this intercept, the Cirrus Server can be installed in-line between the switch and the storage unit as seamless as changing a Fiber Channel cable. Cirrus indicates that the install takes only five seconds per path.

Data Migration Server 3.0 features the following functionality:

  • Remote Data Migration enables DMS appliances at different geographic locations to transfer data to one another, with encryption, compression and verification.
  • Swing Box Support, which is the ability to transport compressed data on low-cost drives.
  • Cloud datacenter and Virtual Machine Environment Support, which allows DMS to be installed as a Linux VM with the ability to facilitate data movement from physical to virtual servers.
  • 16-Path per DMS Cluster, increasing the pipeline for data movement, with cluster support of up to 16 paths.
  • No need to make switch zoning changes, to modify LUN masking or to change/add host drivers, which substantially reduces risks, and saves both time and money.

Cirrus will be offering a live webinar on June 4th webinar titled "Migrate your legacy SAN to the cloud". 

Data Migration Server

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