by Alex Schuchter

Cisco Eases Day 2 Operations

Cisco is expanding its Data Center Network Assurance and Insights Suite. This expansion is aimed at making Day 2 Operations, running a network, easier for those in IT Operations. This portfolio of software analytics can comprehensively analyze all components of a data center to assure business intent, guarantee reliability, and identify performance issues in a network before they happen. The broad overarching goal of this capability expansion is to change the Day 2 Operation environment from reactive to proactive. The added capabilities are brought about as part of Cisco’s push to bring intent-based networking to customers. 

Getting into specifics, additions to the Data Center Network Assurance and Insight Suite include a new change verification feature, added service reliability functions for Network Insights, and new intelligent analytics capability. The intelligent analytics capability will identify the root cause of problems by using real-time flow telemetry from devices in the fabric. The new change verification feature allows users to understand the impacts of changes by modeling them before implementation. Added service reliability features will gather system-level wide data from every Cisco switch in the fabric, detect anomalies before they impact applications, notify users of these issues before they affect the integrity of network services, and provide proactive upgrade advice for devices across the fabric. 


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