by Adam Armstrong

Cisco Gains Market Share In the Third Quarter Of 2014

According to results of Dell’Oro’s quarterly report on Switching Market Share, Cisco has come out as number one in both combined fibre channel + fiber-channel-over-Ethernet (FC + FCoE) revenue and they took the number one spot in FC Modular share. These gains in Cisco’s market share are due primarily to customer acceptance of the MDS product portfolio, ramp up of FCoE-capable products, and the substantial demand for 16G FC.

In FC + FCoE revenue, Cisco was able to widen the gap over competitors by 9 points. Cisco also saw an increase of 11.6% in quarter-to-quarter share gains in FC Modular. And their mixed fibre-channel share is up 8% from a year ago. The current buying trend is to purchase prepackaged solutions, which generally enable customers to reduce costs and simplify management. Cisco has been combining storage, network, compute, and management into single management platforms, to address the buying trends.

Over the last year Cisco has invested heavily in both FC and FCoE on the MDS and Nexus product lines. They have introduced three new products to its MDS 16G Fibre Channel line, new innovations to its Unified Computing System, and a new Multi Service Platform, the MDS 9250i (which has multi-protocol and multi-services capabilities).

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