by Adam Armstrong

Cisco Prepares Industry For Digital-Ready Networks

Today at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Cisco announced its plans to help all aspects of the industry (including engineers, developers, partners and customers) prepare for and embrace what it sees as a monumental change in how networks are built and managed, or, in Cisco’s words, preparing the industry for the transition to digital-ready networks. Cisco is also announcing new technology for ROBO to strengthen its security.

A few months ago Cisco launched its new approach to networking, Digital Network Architecture (DNA). DNA was launched to help IT resources that are struggling as more users embrace mobility, cloud, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to digitize their business. Cisco believes that traditional networks will be unable to keep up with the new demands of digital business. DNA takes networking from hardware-centric to software-driven, from manual to automated, and from closed to programmable.

In order to help customers adapt to and embrace the new digital-ready networks, Cisco is introducing a network readiness model. This model looks at several key elements in preparation of network readiness (such as automation, analytics, assurance, security, cloud, IoT) and then helps customers assess their current state of readiness and the steps they need to take to be prepared.

Building off of its DNA, Cisco is announcing new innovations that are aimed at branch office security. These new innovation include:

  • Umbrella Branch gives organizations simple, fast and comprehensive security at their branches by putting them in control. After activating the software on Cisco’s popular branch office router, the Cisco ISR, IT can apply content filtering and block malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks before these threats can reach the network—even when offices connect directly to the Internet.
  • Stealthwatch Learning Networks License can be added to the Cisco network to make it a sensor and enforcer for branch-level threat detection and response. The software resides on the Cisco ISR and offers new adaptive security anomaly detection technology to identify malicious traffic and instantly protect branch network from immediate threats.
  • Meraki MX Security Appliances with AMP and Threat Grid simplifies advanced threat protection for the distributed enterprise and SMB customers. The new solution combines the streamlined cloud-management of Meraki, with best-in-class threat protection to stop attacks before they enter the network and quickly detect, contain, remediate, and investigate a breach.

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