by Adam Armstrong

Citrix Announces XenApp “Express”

Back in January Citrix made several announcements at its Citrix Synergy Summit. Most of these announcements focuses on the release of XenApp 7.7 and XenDesktop 7.7, however the company touched on both its expanded partnership with Microsoft and its comprehensive Citrix Cloud strategy. Now Citrix is working with Microsoft to develop of next-generation of the Azure RemoteApp service. This partnership will help make Citrix XenApp “express” that will, according to the companies, revolutionize app delivery from the cloud.

This newly announced service will be part of Citrix’ Cloud strategy, which is designed to simplify app and desktop delivery. Citrix claims this new service will move backend infrastructure to the cloud while still delivering high performance and adding more flexibility. Applications will be orchestrated in the cloud as well, which will combine the HDX user experience and extend the original easy-to-consume vision of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. All of the above is aimed at simplified app delivery without impacting management or end-user experience.

The two companies will be working closely together to make this new service mirror many of the workflows existing now in Azure RemoteApp, along with a migration service, simplified app provisioning, enhanced monitoring, strengthened security, and optimized app delivery experience. Microsoft and Citrix are also developing this new service in conjunction with XenDesktop for Windows 10 on Azure service, announced earlier this year. The two companies state that integrating all these efforts across the board, they will be able to drive down the cost of app and desktop delivery while still providing enhanced security, management and application performance on Azure.


While no release date is given, more details are to follow at future events this year including Citrix: Making Cloud Simpler, Business Faster virtual event in August 2016 and Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, GA in September 2016.

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