by Adam Armstrong

Citrix Unveils Unified Workspace APP

At Citrix Synergy 2018 in sunny Anaheim, California, Citrix revealed its new unified workspace experience with Citrix Workspace APP. Not only does this new app bring everything a business needs under one heading, it increases productivity and security. StorageReview was on location at Synergy for the launch of Citrix combining its SaaS, Web Mobile, and Virtual Apps.

Work has changed over the last decade. No longer do employees go into an office and work solely there, in many instances they work from home or a mobile device. Whether this is for an at home workforce, travel, or just completing tasks that need urgent attention, the ratio of traditional office workers to mobile workers is now 1:1. While this can be great for the core businesses that sees more productivity and collaboration, it also can introduce some headaches in security and compliance with the various versions of different software on different systems being used, secure or problematic. Citrix new Workspace APP aims to not only resolve the above issues it will do so with a good end user experience to increase productivity.

Employees like to have their experience personalized and adaptable, which in turn can lead to more creative and innovative ideas. Companies are aware of this so Citrix is helping to deliver. Citrix Workspace APP gives users secure access to their web, SaaS, Windows, Linux and mobile apps, desktops and files from anywhere and across any device. Users have secure, single sign-on (SSO) access to all the applications and content in a unified experience across all devices including those used at home, say a tablet or phone, and those used at work, such as a desktop. Users will be able to start on one device and continue seamlessly on any other device.

As the cloud is more widely adopted and organizations develop their cloud strategy they need flexibility and choice. Citrix enables cloud portability through its cloud services to help on that front. Citrix workloads can now be run on any cloud. For customers looking to movie workloads from the data center to the cloud and back again, the company offers its automated image management and provisioning technologies. Citrix is working closely with Microsoft to add capabilities on top of Remote Desktop Management Infrastructure (RDmi), for Azure, and provide day-one support for Windows Server 2019.

Speaking of choice, through Citrix Endpoint Management the company is looking to manage the broadest set of endpoints. Citrix is looking beyond computers, tablets, and phones and looking at wearables, IoT devices, Alexa for business, and even low cost Raspberry Pie powered workspace hubs from its partners NComputing and Viewsonic.

This unified, holistic approach to work is no good if it is not secure, and will not enhance productivity if this security hampers the experience. Citrix security adapts to how users work and doesn’t force them into some sort of restriction. The company has created what it calls a secure digital perimeter through the combination of its Citrix Networking portfolio with Citrix Unified Endpoint Management and Citrix Analytics. This gives IT a better ability to fight off cyber attacks outside of the data center that could affect different devices. This security is underpinned by Citrix Analytics. This gives companies a look at user behavior and reacts if anything out of place begins to happen, and it leverages AI and ML to do so eliminating the need for constant human surveillance and intervention.


The new Citrix Workspace APP is expected to be available in the third quarter of this year. 

Citrix Workspace APP

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