by Adam Armstrong

ClearSky Data Expands Its Backup & DR Capabilities

Today ClearSky Data announced that it has expanded its data protection capabilities. The company is now able to offer complete offsite back and disaster recovery (DR) as part of its fully managed service. ClearSky states that organizations now only have to pay once for access to all of their data regardless of where it resides. ClearSky also points out potential cost savings by eliminating redundant infrastructure such as secondary infrastructure for DR, backup licenses and management.

It is not uncommon to see multiple vendors and types of storage in one shop. There may be one vendor for primary, a different one for backup, and a third for DR. There may even be different vendors for different tiers of storage. These different vendors in one shop can add to the TCO. ClearSky claims that they can save TCO costs by as much as 60% over three years by integrating primary, backup and DR capabilities in one service.

Today’s newly announced capabilities enable businesses to expand their data protection across data centers, in multiple locations, and into the cloud. ClearSky already offers an all-flash, edge cache appliance with high availability, they now also offer a virtual edge cache that runs in public clouds, providing high-performance access to data for cloud-based workloads.

Other key features include:

  • Unified management for primary storage, backup and DR  
  • A full copy of data stored offsite in the public cloud
  • Ability to restore from thousands of recovery points
  • RPO of 0 in-metro; less than 15 minutes cross-metro
  • RTO of less than 1 minute
  • Fully automated object-level recovery via VMware vCenter integration
  • Support for application consistency and multi-volume consistency groups
  • Eleven 9s of durability, backed by the public cloud

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