by Lyle Smith

Cleversafe Announces Software Defined/Hardware Aware Storage Approach

Cleversafe has announced its software defined/hardware aware storage approach, which is designed to take hidden costs and complexity out of software defined storage (SDS) by giving enterprises the ability to manage their hardware and software from a single management system. In addition, they have also announced newly certified hardware platforms built to give enterprise customers greater deployment flexibility.

The Cleversafe software defined/hardware aware storage approach is based on both interoperability and unified management between storage software and certified hardware platforms; all from a single interface. Cleversafe adds that this integration into current IT environments provides active monitoring of disk drives, power supplies and other critical components, to allow for higher system availability as well as more streamlined system management. Additionally, it offers an exclusive Disk Lifecycle Management feature that can predict drive failures while moving all data to other drives before any issues occur.

This approach is designed to simplify system upgrades, capacity expansion, and system relocation as well as for faster hardware refreshes to new certified higher-capacity technologies. It can also streamline the transition to newer versions of hardware or new brands over the life of the system while maintaining complete availability of the data.

Cleversafe has also announced the following additions to their list of certified platforms:

  • HPE Apollo 4510
  • HPE Apollo 4530
  • HPE Apollo 4200
  • Seagate CP-2584
  • Supermicro 4U SSG-6048R-E1CR36L/H SuperStorage Servers

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