by Marshall Gunnell

Cloud Foundry Summit 2019 - Global Survey

Cloud Foundry Foundation, a company aiming to drive awareness and adoption of the Cloud Foundry open source projects for the enterprise, kicked off its annual North American Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today, where they released a report with their findings of a study revealing trends of how companies treat digital transformation as a constant adaptation as opposed to a one-time fix. As a result, cloud technologies such as PaaS, containers and serverless continue to grow at scale, while microservices and AI/ML are next in line to be integrated into their workflows.

The report, titled “Adaptation, Not Adoption, is the Key to Digital Transformation: Why IT Strategy Requires a Perpetual State of Change,” contained several detailed findings. Here are some of the key points of the report:

  • Multi-platform strategy is flourishing: The report finds that 48% of the respondents use a combination of PaaS, containers, and serverless technologies together, making the rise a significant 9% from last year’s report.
  • Container usage widens: Organizations using 100 or more containers have seen growth up to 48 percent, compared to 34% in April of last year. Many of the IT decision makers (62%) project containers to be mainstreamed in their organization within the next year.
  • Serverless evaluation slows, but there is a broader deployment among users:An increase from 9% to 18% from last year has been made for those using and evaluating serverless, broad deployment.
  • Timeline to see digital transformation vary by region: Half of the companies in the North American region are feeling (or expect to in this quarter) the benefit of digital transformation. However, 34% of respondents don’t expect to see benefits for at least a year, or even more. Reports for EMEA found nearly the same stats, except only 19% expect to feel the benefits within the year. A report on APAC shows nearly the same results, as well.

To read the report in its entirety, download it from the Cloud Foundry website.

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