by Adam Armstrong

CloudByte Leverages SanDisk’s InfiniFlash In Its AFA ESA-1000

Today CloudByte announced that it is extending its appliance portfolio with its new all-flash array (AFA) the ESA-1000. The new AFA is a combination of CloudByte’s containerized software-defined storage solution, ElastiStor, and SanDisk’s AFA InfiniFlash. The combination of the two technologies will give the ESA-1000 2PB of effective capacity and it will be able to deliver storage for up to 1000 applications in a single system for both Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises.

As we said previously, InfiniFlash is SanDisk’s “JBOF” that is aimed at delivering high capacity, high performance, and reliability for big data and hyperscale workloads. Along with its performance and capacity improvements, InfiniFlash will also reduce data center complexities and costs. CloudByte’s ElastiStor provides full enterprise storage and networking capabilities while simplifying storage management. Combining these technologies in the ESA-1000 offers a guaranteed quality of service (QoS) to every application from a shared storage platform. CloudByte also has the ability to offer on-demand performance provisioning, enabling companies to scale to thousands of applications while meeting the most challenging performance demands.

Highlights include:

  • Secure container-based isolation
  • QoS capabilities that guarantee IOPS, bandwidth, and latency
  • Granular performance that includes IOPS, bandwidth, and latency
  • Scalable to multiple PBs
  • Storage management from a single pane of glass
  • Ability to reallocate storage resources on the fly


ESA-A1000 is available today.

CloudByte’s ElastiStor Appliances

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