by Adam Armstrong

Cloudian Announces GA Of HyperFile

Today Cloudian announced the availability of its integrated NAS Controller that delivers SMB/NFS file services from on-premises Cloudian HyperStore object storage systems, Cloudian HyperFile. According to the company, HyperFile is the first object-storage system to include all the features essential to enterprise network attached storage (NAS) customers, thus opening the door for deployment in mission-critical, capacity-intensive applications that employ file data. Cloudian goes on to claim that customers can see TCO as high as 70% and “limitless scalability” versus using a traditional NAS system.

A traditional NAS system comes with several features that are seen as essential as they reach into enterprise; these include snapshot, WORM, non-disruptive failover, scale-out performance, POSIX compliance and Active Directory integration. HyperFile has all of those features in addition to limitless scalability of Cloudian HyperStore enterprise storage. Markets that can benefit most from HyperFile include home directory, workgroup collaboration, medical imaging, engineering files, legal documents, financial records, media and entertainment assets, and video surveillance data. 

HyperFile is available as either an appliance or as a virtual machine. The appliance can be deployed as a node within a Cloudian cluster. Users can implement HyperFile easily by leveraging its policy-based data migration engine to transfer files from their existing NAS systems to Cloudian, or from proprietary systems such as EMC Centera. The company states that the files migrating will proceed as a background operation that will not impact service.

Availability and Pricing

Cloudian HyperFile is available now in a free version included with HyperStore and an enterprise version beginning at 1/2 a cent per GB per month.

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