by Adam Armstrong

Cloudian Announces HyperStore 4000 Object Storage Appliance

Today Cloudian Inc. announced its new high-density object storage platform, the HyperStore 4000 appliance. The new appliance is designed to meet the demands of ever growing data without taking up lots of valuable data center space. Cloudian states that the new appliance can deliver on-premises performance with cloud-like prices, 40% lowers cost per GB compared to previous Cloudian solutions.

While almost all markets are awash with the new influx of Big Data there are a handful that are getting hit harder than others. Markets such as life sciences, healthcare, and entertainment are seeing the storage needs double every year. The massive amounts of object-based storage these markets generate make them ideal for a product such as the HyperStore 4000 appliance. The new appliance can, not only manage massive amounts of unstructured data sets, according to Cloudian it can do it for roughly half a penny per GB.

As far as the appliance itself, the HyperStore 4000 is a 4U enclosure that has a maximum capacity of 700TB. The platform has two nodes per chassis, which brings eight 9’s of availability (99.999999%) in a three-appliance cluster. The HyperStore 4000 also has a built-in tier to a hybrid cloud giving the bonus of having both on-premises and public cloud storage. And the appliance offers the highest level of S3 API compatibility to ensure plug-and-play interoperability with S3-enabled applications.

The Cloudian HyperStore 4000 Object Storage Appliance is ideal for data protection, media and entertainment, video surveillance, research, and data archive. The platform also fits in well next to all-flash solutions or HCI arrays that are designed for higher tier storage and performance. 

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