by Adam Armstrong

Cloudian Announces HyperStore Is Now Available In AWS Marketplace

Today Cloudian, Inc. announced that HyperStore, its flagship software, is now available through Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). This means that customers can now purchase HyperStore directly from AWS Marketplace, deploy it in their infrastructure and centralize visibility of usage and billing through their AWS monthly invoice.

As we previously stated, HyperStore is a storage platform that exemplifies the opportunities made possible and the convergence of widely-available cloud storage and open APIs. The HyperStore software appliance allows administrators to deploy a fully-compliant S3 object storage cloud across commodity server hardware, with the option to scale seamlessly with the addition of new commodity hardware or purpose-build HyperStore hardware appliances. 

Now subscribers can select a Cloudian Amazon S3 Hybrid deployment, and gain dynamic data tiering at the bucket level from on-premises storage to cloud storage with Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier. This will allow customers to scale as their needs grow.  

Key Highlights:

  • Cloudian storage for customer data centers now available via AWS Marketplace
  • Metered usage and billing through AWS monthly invoice
  • Using HyperStore, customers can store data on-premises and/or on the cloud with Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier, as well as centralize hybrid cloud management with Amazon S3 compatibility


Hyperstore can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace now

HyperStore Operating Environment

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