by Lyle Smith

Cloudian & Quanta Cloud Technology Partner To Deploy Object-Based Storage

Cloudian has announced a partnership with Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) aimed at deploying HyperStore smart data storage software in order to bring object-based storage to QCT’s customers. In this collaboration, QCT will integrate HyperStore software (currently in version 5.2) within its Intel-powered storage appliances, indicating that customers will benefit from hyperscale in both business and operational areas as well as from the software-defined object storage with full AWS and S3-cloud compatibility.

The addition of Cloudian HyperStore software to QCT’s diverse portfolio helps to expand and improve data center solutions for service providers, enterprises, and content providers. In addition, Cloudian HyperStore is compatible with multi-tenancy, peer-to-peer scaling and seamless, policy-rich data management including on-premises infrastructure and any S3-compatible public cloud. As a result, Cloudian asserts that it will make for an ideal object storage solution for highly distributed, hyperscale computing environments.


Cloudian HyperStore software is now available as a factory-integrated offering within QCT’s solutions.

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