by Adam Armstrong

ClusterHQ Partners With EMC For Flocker 1.0 Release

ClusterHQ released an update to its open source container data volume manager for Dockerized applications, Flocker 1.0. Flocker already supports any device that speaks the OpenStack Cinder AP as well as supporting Amazon EBS. Now, through a collaboration with EMC, customers can enable Dockerized applications on ScaleIO and XtremIO. The use of Flocker on ScaleIO and XtremIO will allow customers to architect and manage high-performance, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective persistent storage backends for Docker-based applications.

ClusterHQ describe themselves as “the Container Data People.” ClusterHQ feels that containers can’t easily capture entire applications in production in a way that ops can manage as they lack support for data migration, high availability and disaster recovery. With Flocker, ops teams will have the tools they need for data migrations and they can run containerized stateful services like databases in production. Flocker’s data volumes are portable and can be used in any container in a cluster.

EMC sees the benefits of containers for building and maintaining microservices. EMC has made ScaleIO and XtremIO drivers available for Flocker in order to make it easier for customers to leverage containers in modern IT architectures. Combining Flocker with ScaleIO results in scale out software-defined storage for Dockerized microservices.


Flocker 1.0 is available today

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