by Adam Armstrong

Cohesity Acquires Imanis Data & Announces Backup & Recovery For Hadoop

Today Cohesity announced its first acquisition, Imanis Data, Inc., a leader in enterprise backup and data management for distributed databases. The acquisition will allow customers to easily back up and instantly recover Hadoop and NoSQL workloads and supporting databases, including MongoDB. The acquisition adds to Cohesity capabilities making them a more attractive secondary storage option. 

Hadoop big data workloads, NoSQL distributed databases, containers, and SaaS applications were once more niche solutions for specific users. That is not the case now as they become more and more common in enterprise IT. Now that these solutions are more common they will need data management and protection. Cohesity, through its acquisition of Imanis, will now be able to provide backup, recovery and data management capabilities for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) workloads and NoSQL distributed databases that were previously available only for traditional databases.

New capabilities include:

  • Simplify data management for HDFS big data workloads and NoSQL distributed databases including MongoDB, Cassandara, CouchBaseDB, Hbase – all on a single platform.
  • Provide the flexibility of granular recovery with application-aware, agentless backups.
  • Uphold complex data compliance requirements by, for example, automatically masking sensitive information that is copied and utilized for testing and development purposes.

Cohesity is also announcing backup and recovery capabilities for Kubernetes-based containerized applications. The company states that it can match the level of protection previously available just for VMs. According to Cohesity, backups for containerized applications will be application-consistent and can be done in “incremental forever” mode, meaning customers only need to perform one full backup and then do incremental backups moving forward -- reducing backup time and simplifying operations.

For SaaS applications, Cohesity is extending its backup and recovery capabilities for Microsoft Office 365. Backup and recovery now includes OneDrive to help protect again data loss due to error or malware, and to assist with e-discovery or compliance. Cohesity will also make security and compliance requirements easier though information utilization available in Azure Active Directory.


Cohesity backup and recovery capabilities for HDFS and NoSQL distributed databases are available now. Protection for Kubernetes and Microsoft OneDrive will be available to customers this summer.

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