by Adam Armstrong

Cohesity Release Version 3.0 Of Its DataPlatform & DataProtect

Today Cohesity released the latest versions of its Cohesity DataPlatform, version 3.0. The latest versions of its DataPlatform and DataProtect expands data protection to physical servers, which Cohesity claims will result in faster recover times, and double performance levels of its distributed, scale-out data platform. The latest versions of these products are designed to help enterprises consolidate fragmented secondary storage workloads.

As we previous stated, the Cohesity Data Platform is a hyperconverged secondary storage platform that, in their words, enables enterprises to take control of snowballing data growth and complex storage environments. Cohesity goes on to claim that customers can reduce their footprint by 80% while realizing immediate cost efficiencies by starting with backup. Version 3.0 uses parallel ingest across cluster nodes for individual VMs in order to improve VMware backup performance. Cohesity is also claiming that they can double IOPS and throughput performance for file access.

DataProtect 3.0 continues its backing up virtual server environments and now also protects data on physical Windows and Linux servers. According to Cohesity its DataProtect can now perform app-aware Windows server backups, which ensure 100 percent consistent point-in-time restores for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server, as well as source-side dedupe for accelerated database backups.

Along with the updates to DataPlatform and DataProtect, Cohesity is also announcing proactive monitoring, orchestration, and automation capabilities. These new capabilities will help to reduce errors in manual workflows for data protection and dev-test operations. The latest version enables customers to manage it existing data center administration tools through built-in REST APIs. And finally Cohesity announced granular object-level recovery from images stored in public cloud archives that will accelerate the process for locating and restoring specific objects from the cloud.


Cohesity Data Platform and DataProtect 3.0 are expected to be available within the next 90 days

Cohesity Data Platform

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