by Michael Rink

Cohesity Releases Backup Service for Google Cloud

Today Cohesity released a new software as a service solution that delivers backup and recovery for applications running on Google Cloud, Cohesity Cloud Backup Service for Google Cloud. Cohesity is a well-established provider of both software and converged appliance data management solutions. 

Cohesity Cloud Backup Service for Google Cloud offers a range of new capabilities and benefits that aim to enable enterprises to meet business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. All of these features are aimed at eliminating the need for customers to deploy backup software, infrastructure, or brittle custom scripts. Instead, customers can benefit from backup SaaS capabilities that are easy to use and integrate natively with GCP. Foremost among the benefits of their new service is Cohesity's claim that it provides near-zero recovery times (RTOs) to any point in time, and reduces recovery point objectives (RPOs) to only a few minutes. In addition to swift recovery, Cohesity Cloud Backup Service for Google Cloud also has granular search and recovery capabilities. Cohesity Cloud Backup Service offers a single SaaS-based dashboard for all management tasks and provides self-service capabilities based on user roles. The service is natively integrated with GCP's Identity and Access Management (IAM), helping to ensure users only have access to the resources specific for their job or task. Cohesity further reduces complexities through one-click deployment and reusable policies that eliminate the need for manual processes or custom scripts to automate backup scheduling, enforce retention policies, and consolidate backup activity. 

Cohesity Cloud Backup Service offers Pay-as-you-go, monthly consumption-based pricing that is fully integrated with GCP billing and available through the GCP Marketplace.



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