by Adam Armstrong

Cohesity Releases Its Helios SaaS Management Solution

Today Cohesity announced the release of its SaaS-based management solution, Helios. Helios uses a single dashboard to allow customers to see, manage, and take action on their secondary data and applications globally. The solution also leverages AI in order to help customers gain insights from their secondary data.

Cohesity’s DataPlatform is a HCI secondary storage platform designed to consolidate secondary data that could potentially be spread across several different locations in different silos. The idea is for customers to gain better control of their data while reducing footprint and costs. Helios takes the next logical step and allows users to better manage their data and potentially gain lucrative insights from it. Users will have a better handle on their data regardless of where it resides. 

Benefits and features include:

  • Access a smart assistant for IT: Administrators can define service-level agreements (SLAs) by job and workload and Cohesity SmartAssist will automatically evaluate required versus available resources (e.g., compute, storage) across all clusters to meet SLAs or suggest changes as needed. 
  • Utilize machine learning for operational insights: Helios evaluates how infrastructure is being used and utilizes ML to determine what adjustments or modifications may be necessary in the future. For example, based on current storage utilization and workload makeup, Helios will proactively recommend when additional resources might be needed to continue meeting business requirements.   
  • Benefit from peer comparisons: The SaaS solution not only evaluates customer’s operational metadata sets, but also analyzes operational metadata from Cohesity customers globally. Organizations can compare infrastructure utilization against anonymized benchmarks from their peers and uncover best practices.
  • Benefit from proactive health checks: Based on global operational metadata collected from Cohesity, Helios looks at the actions taken by an IT administrator across their sites and alerts them, for example, of anomalies that don’t follow best practices (e.g., if a financial services customer forgets to turn on encryption). Helios will then suggest a recommended path forward.  
  • Relax with automation: Customers get peace of mind in knowing Helios can automate corrective action for failure of non-critical system resources, including proactively notifying the Cohesity global support team to ensure that any issue is quickly addressed. 
  • Access a “crystal ball”: Helios empowers administrators to test the impact of future changes across their clusters before rolling them out. Administrators can also evaluate alternative approaches with “what-if” analyses powered by machine learning.
  • Detect patterns that help ensure compliance: With the Pattern Finder application, enterprises can search their secondary data for strings of characters that match the pattern of sensitive or personal data, for example, a Social Security Number or a phone number. Organizations can then take corrective action to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. 
  • Pinpoint bad passwords to mitigate risks: The smart Password Detection application gives companies a way to improve security by searching across global data sets to uncover passwords that fail to meet best practices, such as those that include personal or company names, or are stored in plain text.
  • Transcode videos to optimize for capacity: To help optimize resources, IT admins -- including those within the security, surveillance and healthcare industries -- can use the Video Compression application to reduce the size of large media files while optimizing space.

Cohesity Data Platform

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