by Adam Armstrong

Coho Data Announces DataStream 2.7 & Support For Block Storage

Today Coho Data announced the release of the latest version of the software that powers their arrays, DataStream 2.7. The latest release further supports enterprise workloads as both block- and file-based workloads can be hosted on the same platform. The update also incorporates the support for OpenStack announced last month.

Coho Data came out of stealth with a different approach. As we previously stated, they take a cloud-inspired approach to storage. Coho uses commodity hardware but they use software to extract the most performance that they can out of it. We’ve yet to get our hands on one of their arrays but Coho has some pretty impressive performance claims: 180K IOPS for the hybrid array and 320K IOPS for the all-flash array.

Coho DataStream 2.7 benefits include:

  • A single platform to host Virtual and non-Virtual workloads – enabling enterprises to cover 80% to 90% of their datacenter production workloads, thereby removing the complexity involved in choosing different storage solutions for virtual and non-virtual workloads.
  • Scale out private cloud environment – increasing ease and efficiency on the Coho Data storage platform. Cinder Volumes combined with Coho Data’s state-of-the-art scale out architecture allow users to deploy a worry free private cloud environment.
  • Fine granular management – allowing users of Coho Data systems to monitor and manage the individual files that comprise the application. For instance, if it is a virtual environment then the user can view, manage, and monitor the individual files that make up the virtual machine.
  • OpenStack support with Coho’s DataStream Cinder API integration – enabling organizations to build OpenStack block storage infrastructure that dynamically scales both performance and capacity in response to application demands.


All of Coho DataStream updates are immediately available when announced and are free to existing customers.

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