by Adam Armstrong

Coho Releases All-Flash Array And Raises $30 Million In Funding

Today Coho Data announced the general availability of its first All-flash storage node, the DataStream 2000f. Coho Data has also announced that is has raised an addition $30 million dollars in Series C. This last round was led by March Capital Partners and brings Coho’s total funding to nearly $65 million.

The new DataStream 2000f MicroArray works with the existing hybrid 1000h and 800h DataStream nodes. Customers are able to mix and match various Coho MicroArrays in order to gain the price/performance value. The focus of Coho Data is to deliver easy to use building blocks that companies of any size can use create data-centric infrastructure for fast, flexible scale-out solutions.

The DataStream 2000f MicroArray also has some pretty impressive performance claims. Using Intel’s P3600 NVMe flash and conventional SSDs, Coho states that the 2000f has a performance up to 320,000 IOPS in each 2U chassis. The 2000f also achieved an IOmark-VM level of 960.  Coho’s MicroArrays are managed through a single pane of glass and cost less than $ 0.10/GB usable per month.

Coho is also announcing its Future-Proof Storage Guarantee. This guarantee includes new software features free of charge for hardware under a support contract. This enables customers to take advantage of new protocols, functionality, and performance improvements that happen over time, giving users higher value for their initial investment.

Capabilities of the DataStream 2000f include:

  • Scale Performance and Capacity Linearly: Add the All-Flash 2000f to the hybrid and high capacity DataStream MicroArray node options to grow your cluster based on your specific environment’s needs. Coho’s patented use of software-defined networking to handle data placement and load balancing logic guarantees that as you grow your cluster, every MicroArray node delivers predictable linear performance without traditional storage latency bottlenecks.
  • Deliver Any App at Any Scale: Coho’s FlashFit technology optimizes your flash utilization by ensuring that you have exactly the right amount flash for your applications as you scale. Built-in health monitoring and analytics enables the system to manage and tune itself to your environment’s needs, with customized predictive guidance on how much flash and disk to add to your cluster based on historical workload usage.
  • Eliminate Downtime and Data Migrations: By eliminating painful management of different tiers and silos of storage, you move to a web-scale management model that allows you to simply add or remove nodes to your cluster with zero downtime. Fully automated load balancing ensures you can effortlessly deliver great performance at all times.
  • Cascade Tiering and Compression: Automated tiering across mixed hardware clusters leverages built-in analytics and management policies to intelligently place data between PCIe flash, SSDs and HDDs across cluster, reducing management time by up to 70% by eliminating manual tiers and silos of storage. Cascade Compression feature is activated in HDD tier to maximize capacity while maintaining high performance.


The Coho Data DataStream 2000f is generally available now.

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