by Adam Armstrong

Coho Updates DataStream Software

Recently Coho Data released the latest version of the software that powers its arrays, DataStreams 2.4. The latest version applies to all of Coho’s hardware and the company states that users will see no downtime during the upgrade. Once users click on the upgrade everything else is automated.

Coho came onto the scene about six months ago when the company came out of stealth. We see lots of startups pop up but Coho comes to the table with a different approach. As we previously stated, they take a cloud-inspired approach to storage. Coho uses commodity hardware but they use software to extract the most performance that they can out of it. We’ve yet to get our hands on one of their arrays but Coho has some pretty impressive performance claims: 180K IOPS for the hybrid array and 320K IOPS for the all-flash array. They’ve also ben able to raise $65 million in funding so far.

New features and enhancements of DataStreams 2.4 include:

  • Compression- all of Coho’s arrays implement compression, it is turned on by default. Coho uses the LZ4 algorithm for its speed and excellent compression rate. Coho claims that compression has no impact on performance. In order to achieve this, the compression happens as the data ages. In other words, the hot data doesn’t get compressed and no performance issues can be seen
  • Multi exports – the command line interface (CLI) had previous supported multiple exports. Coho has included the ability to do multiple exports into the user interface (UI). Users can create up to 64 exports in the UI now.
  • Mix and match hardware – with the recent announcement of the 2000f all-flash array, a concern that quickly pops up is interoperability between the new and old hardware. This update quells concerns customers might have. Now they can mix and match the different arrays in a single namespace, single cluster. The system automatically assess where the data should be located to optimize performance across the cluster. And setup up is simple, once the cables are plugged in and the unit is powered on, clusters expand automatically.
  • UI improvements – not only is there the above-mentioned ability to do multiple exports in the UI now, Coho has also made the UI faster and more responsive.
  • PowerShell Plugin – Coho recognized the benefits to customers to quickly work-up a PowerShell script and has added this feature into the new release. Customers can create new NFS exports, take snapshots, and use Coho’s SnapAttach feature. Users can also integrate directly into VMware’s PowerCLI module.


DataStreams 2.4 is available now.

Coho Data main site

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