by Lyle Smith

Commvault Adds New Flexibility & Options For Protecting Data In SAP HANA

Commvault has announced that their Commvault Software and the Commvault Data Platform v11 has attained SAP-certified integration with the SAP HANA platform on IBM Power Systems. The Commvault Data Platform is a data management infrastructure that allows users to protect, manage and process more data faster as well as to lower operational costs, eliminate disruptions, and promote innovation, indicating that their customers will be able to improve their overall IT efficiencies and gain greater business value from their data running in SAP HANA.

Commvault provides automated backup and recovery of data in SAP HANA--including SAP S/4HANA and other deployment types--for quick, point-in-time recovery. It also allows for fast spin-ups and a refresh of development and test environments for SAP HANA as well as the ability to create clone databases from snapshots with no impact on production. In addition, because it integrates very well with the SAP HANA studio and SAP HANA cockpit, it enables simple DBA self-service and monitoring of data protection tasks.

This announcement comes during company's first ever Commvault GO conference, an event that gathers Commvault users, partners, employees, analysts, media (including StorageReview), and industry experts for three days of presentations, knowledge exchange and networks opportunities.

Commvault GO 2016


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