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Commvault Announces Endpoint DPaaS, Analytics Portfolio, & Google Partnership At GO17

Today at Commvault GO 2017, the company made several announcements. These include the launch of Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service aimed at protecting laptops, desktops and other devices in one flexible, easy-to-use software as a service (SaaS) offering. The announcement of a new analytics portfolio of applications, capabilities, solutions and services, all built on the Commvault Data Platform. And the company is announcing a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, bringing Commvault’s range of cloud services on Google Cloud Platform.

Laptops and other mobile devices are common in the workplace as more and more people take their work on the go. The biggest security issue that needs to be overcome with mobile devices, isn’t them being hacked or files accidently getting deleted, it is the devices being lost or stolen. Commvault’s new Endpoint Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) allows organizations to automatically and securely backup data on a multitude of employee desktops, laptops and other devices. This allows end users to continue to be productive while reducing the loss of data if something happens to the device.

The DPaaS protects user data with data encryption along with backup and recovery. If something happens to the device, employees will be able to access and recover the data as well as have the ability to securely share it with others. Commvault is also releasing Commvault Endpoint Search as an add on, which provides secure visibility and control over endpoint data for compliance and litigation purposes with integrated full-text search and reporting from a consolidated pool of endpoint data. And Commvault Secure File Sharing that will allow secure storing, accessing, and sharing files from virtually anywhere.

Benefits of Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service include:

  • Protect and secure critical company data residing on laptops and desktops with an automated backup service that doesn't interrupt user productivity.
  • Minimize data leakage with built-in security settings that allow users to encrypt files and folders, track geo-location and securely wipe data from lost or stolen laptops.
  • Secure visibility and control over endpoint data for compliance and litigation purposes with integrated full-text search and reporting from a consolidated pool of endpoint data.
  • Provide employees with a company-sanctioned, secure file sharing service that's easy to use, and delivers required visibility and control over company data-sharing practices.
  • Increase productivity with anywhere, anytime access to protected data through a web portal, mobile app and natively in Windows Explorer.
  • Gain flexibility with one simple, easy to use cloud service from Commvault with 24/7 customer admin support.

Analytics help companies gain better insights, potentially generate new revenue streams, and ensure that they are within compliance. Commvualt’s new analytics portfolio aims to help its customers create actionable data visualizations and implement business rules to drive workflows, all from a single platform. The first release of the portfolio is Commvault's information governance for data privacy (with the target of release for next month). This release will be all about helping enterprises develop action plans and data policies to meet the requirements of GDPR and other data privacy regulations automatically, consistently and at scale, while also proving to regulators that they have met their compliance obligations.

Capabilities include:

  • Detect an expandable set of personal data, initially focusing on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on file systems and endpoints.
  • Use dashboards, reports and visualizations to map where this PII information is located and drill down into this data, allowing them to develop, implement and automate data privacy risk management policies.
  • Create and assign automated work tasks to address customer requests and other remediation actions for PII data disclosure, export and erasure.
  • Produce audit trails of PII data management actions.

Cloud first strategies and migrating to the cloud are quickly gaining steam in the enterprise. With this in mind, Commvault and Google Cloud are partnering up to enable their customers securely take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. GCP customers will be able to leverage Commvault’s compression and global deduplication to help them migrate large volumes of data to GCP in a cost-effective manner. Commvault uses industry standard encryption to secures data in motion and at rest.

The Commvault platform's support for Google Cloud Platform includes:

  • Data protection to support large-scale lift-and-shift cloud projects.
  • Fast, comprehensive search across multiple cloud storage locations with a single consolidated view of data wherever it lives.
  • Support to move, manage and use data across all four Google Cloud Storage classes: Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional.
  • Data redundancy to any Google Cloud Storage class.
  • Ability to recover data where it's needed – on-premises, to another cloud storage location, or to another cloud.
  • Optimization of data storage: the flexibility to create large deduplicated storage pools, but with granular controls to move data and workloads to, from and across clouds and across regions within a single cloud.
  • Fast data protection with enhanced security for enterprise-class applications running inside Google Cloud Platform, with data protection for a wide variety of enterprise IT initiatives:
    • Applications including common file systems on Windows and Linux operating systems.
    • Applications and databases such as SQL Exchange, Oracle, DB2.
    • SaaS applications such as Office 365.
    • Big data applications such as GPFS, MongoDB, Hadoop, and others.
    • Custom application backup using Commvault APIs.
  • Support for Gmail and Google Drive – Backup to and recovery from the Google Cloud Platform with comprehensive management from the single Commvault platform.


Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service and complementing add-on service offerings, Commvault Endpoint Search and Commvault Secure File Sharing, are generally available today. The Commvault's information governance for data privacy is expected to be available next month.

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