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Commvault Announces New Innovations For Its Data Platform At Commvault GO

Today at Commvault GO 2016 (Commvault’s first customer conference) at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, Commvault introduced new innovations to its Commvault Data Platform for Software Defined Data Services (SDDS), currently in its eleventh version. These new innovations are designed to enhance orchestration and simplicity, while extending Commvault’s leadership in the backup, recovery and archive space.

As we’ve been saying for some time now, cloud is a huge disruptor in the industry. While the cloud does offer up numerous benefits, many companies are hesitant to make the transition due to some of the concerns. Commvault’s Data Platform and Solutions Portfolio are built to help customers migrate to the cloud by eliminating data management complexities. These new round of innovations announced today build off of Commvault’s open API architecture, which give customers flexibility of choice in infrastructure, platform, compute and storage providers.

The major innovations and capabilities launched today include:

  • The move to the cloud – As mentioned above, cloud offers several benefits but some customers need help with the transition. Commvault is expanding its capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Up until now Commvault protected VMs on AWS, now it includes protection of databases as well. Commvault is expanding its protection capabilities to Oracle and Azure clouds, bringing the total amount of public clouds supported to 25.
  • New interface – Everyone is now looking for simplicity. To this end, Commvault announced a series of role-specific user interfaces on HTML-5. These new UIs include a new admin console for database and virtualization administrators. These new consoles enable users to run extensive graphical and visual representations of KPIs, utilization, operational health and other metrics, and can be personalized based upon their role within the organization.
  • Enhanced automation – Along with the dynamic index and the single, virtual repository, Commvault is enhancing its automation capabilities now extending to workloads such as Big Data. The new automation enhancements will help to simplify the workload management, and storage and access of data. Commvault also states that these enhancements support on premise workloads by automating complex data access and data refresh requirements to drive more agile dev/test and innovation strategies. 
  • SDDS for Big Data & other high volume workloads – Big Data is only going to get bigger and companies need to scale without increasing their traditional legacy spend, specifically around their backup, recovery and archive solutions. Commvault has enhanced its Data Platform with more software-defined capabilities to give customer the scale and performance they need for their backup and recovery. Commvault states that this scale and performance parallels the performance and scale found in many big data and digital repository environments. These enhancements enable customers to take advantage of new solutions that are specifically aimed at Big Data and digital workloads. Commvault goes on to claim that these new Software Defined Data Services, Commvault helps to free organizations from vendor lock-in, drive lower cost than legacy approaches, provide greater agility and flexibility, and enable IT to become scalable and better performing.
  • New levels of openness – Commvault announced new APIs that further extend the openness of Commvault Data Platform. These new APIs help the platform connect various environments that are ever more present in modern data centers. The company states that these APIs can provide a way for customers to mix traditional and new workloads on nearly any infrastructure and aid them in transforming those workloads onto new or different infrastructures.
  • Speeding development and improving agility – Commvault intends to help customers speed development by eliminating the siloed, copy data management step. With this capability customers can skip the step of buying a siloed copy management array saving costs and eliminating complexity which in turn can speed processes.
  • IntelliSnap Integration with Pure Storage – Commvault is extending support for its IntelliSnap solution to Pure Storage flash arrays.


The new innovations and capabilities are available in the Commvault Data Platform now. 

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