by Adam Armstrong

Commvault Introduces Early Adopter Program For Its New SaaS Offerings

Today Commvault introduced an early adopter program for two new Software as Service (SaaS) offerings. Both of these offerings address the shift that is being seen as more and more solutions are moving to the cloud. The two SaaS offerings are for Endpoint Data Protection and Email Archive Software. Customers participating in the Early Adopter program can use the fully-managed cloud service to automatically and securely backup data on employee laptops and desktops and archive email, reducing the risk of data loss from breaches and lost or stolen endpoint devices.

Commvault states that its endpoint data protection offerings increase productivity, thanks to self-service capabilities that enable employees to recover lost data and to securely share files with other employees. Not only do they protect against data loss they can enable enterprise-wide compliance and eDiscovery of data on endpoints and in email. While Endpoint Data Protection, Archiving and Search has been available in other forms, such as on-premise solutions, the Early Adaptor program is the first opportunity for users to have a SaaS version of the offering.

Enterprises can use Commvault’s new SaaS Endpoint Data Protection solution to:

  • Protect and secure critical company data residing on laptops and desktops with an automated backup service that doesn’t interrupt user productivity.
  • Minimize data leakage with built-in security settings that allow users to encrypt files and folders and securely wipe data from lost or stolen laptops.
  • Secure visibility and control over endpoint data for compliance and litigation purposes with integrated full-text search and reporting from a consolidated pool of endpoint data.
  • Provide employees with a company-sanctioned, secure file sharing service that’s easy to use, and delivers required visibility and control over company data-sharing practices.
  • Increase productivity with anywhere, anytime access to protected data through a web portal, mobile app and natively in Windows Explorer.
  • Enable secure mobile access to backup and shared files.

Commvault’s new Email Archive SaaS offering enables enterprises to:

  • Support detailed archiving policies for any email environment — including cloud email solutions like Microsoft Office 365
  • Gain control over PST and NSF Files by automatically locating and migrating existing .PST and .NSF files into the archive, to help regain control of the information contained within those files.
  • Allow legal teams to collect data and execute holds and reviews without IT department intervention, accelerating results for early case assessments.
  • Cut the cost, risk, and complexity of email archiving with user-defined, content-based retention policies.

The Early Adopter Program is a way for customers to directly engage with Commvualt. Not only do they gain access to these new SaaS offerings they get a personalized, “white glove” engagement that eases adoption and allows Commvault to gain critical working experience with customers to drive ongoing program adoption and market entry.


General availability for both of the new SaaS offerings is expected in the fall of this year. The opportunity for early adoption has begun now. 

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