by Adam Armstrong

Commvault Rolls Out Its Latest Wave Of Innovation

Today Commvault has announced new innovations to its Commvault Data Platform. These newly announced innovations further enable customer choice, help eliminate vendor lock-in, and facilitate extensive data portability while extending the platform’s value to larger range of applications and software ecosystems. Commvault is also announcing enhancements to its Commvault integrated solutions portfolio. These new enhancements mark Commvault's first venture into handling big data.

The first new innovation of Commvault Data Platform is extending integration and support of IntelliSnap. Commvault's IntelliSnap creates an extended library of application-consistent snapshots to enables customers to perform rapid online recovery. Currently IntelliSnap is available for Pure, Nimble, NetApp, EMC, HDS, Fujitsu, Huawei, HPE, IBM, Dell, Infinidat, DataCore and Oracle. IntelliSnap will now be available for NEC, SolidFire and Nutanix as well.

Commvault is now offering APIs enabling customers to access the Commvault Data Platform through Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3), REST, and NFS interfaces. Commvault states that these new sets of interfaces will extend the platform's capabilities. The APIs extend visibility out of the data center and helps break down siloes through extended search and now adds indexing support for SaaS applications, as well as file systems and websites. Customers will be able to see data both on and off-premise.

Customers can now use commodity hardware with Commvault Data Platform to provide a scale-out storage option. This gives customers a cost-effective method to scale while still applying best-practice data management and protection from Commvault.  This new scale-out option was made possible through implementation of cloud and web-scale technology into the Commvault Software making the platform's virtual repository to scale-out.

Commvault Data Platform now enables customers to manage and protect data and workloads across multiple hypervisors and as they are moved from hypervisors to the public cloud. Customers with workloads from on-premise VMWare and HyperV solutions can now migrate directly to Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud environments. Further, the Commvault Data Platform innovations enable new backup and recovery options for data born and resident inside AWS cloud environments. Complete workload protection (native Amazon Machine Image (AMI) support) and recovery with file-level granularity in AWS environments further enhances Commvault’s offerings that include in guest protection options for all cloud environments.

Commvault integrated solutions portfolio have been enhanced to directly address the issues that emerge when dealing with big data. These enhancements give new visibility into big data tools including Hadoop, Greenplum and GPFS. Commvault claims that users of its software can now better understand the exact environment layout to drive performance, eliminate complexity, and better manage costs. 


These new enhancements and innovations are available today.

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