by Adam Armstrong

Commvault Updates & Simplifies Product Packaging

Today Commvault announced that its had taken several of its solutions and offerings and consolidated them into simple product packages and pricing. The announcement today take the breadth of Commvault’s offerings and boils them down to four products aimed for complete, scalable backup and recovery as well as data management, regardless of the size of the company. The packaging is made to ease implementation and deployment as well as buying options. 

Not only is Commvault combining several products, it is updating the new packages with innovations that center on artificial intelligence (AI) that will learn and adapt automatically. This would make the new packages meet evolving needs better while simplifying backup management. The new package offerings come with what one would expect along with several features that were previously only available as add-ons such as Commvault IntelliSnap for snapshot management, hardware replication support, reporting, synchronization of virtual machines across locations, and file sharing.  

Commvault’s newly packaged product set combines new innovations and capabilities, while at the same time consolidating over 20 offerings into four products:

  • Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery – Designed to meet the needs of any size business, it covers workloads across all locations: hybrid environments include on-premises and multiple cloud providers; physical servers; virtual machines; applications and databases; endpoint devices; and more.  Commvault Complete is aptly named as it also includes disaster recovery capabilities, snapshot management, endpoint user protection, mailbox protection for on-premises, and SaaS offerings, replication, disaster recovery, reporting and integrated archiving.
  • Commvault HyperScale Technology – Commvault HyperScale Technology is an add-on for Commvault Complete that delivers an on-premises, cloud-like infrastructure to support scale-out secondary storage. This is available in two form factors: 1) a Commvault-branded integrated appliance, or 2) as a software solution that can be used with a customers’ preferred hardware provider.
  • Commvault Orchestrate – Automated service delivery technology that enables users to provision, sync and validate data in any environment for important IT needs such as disaster recovery (DR) testing, Dev/Test operations and workload migrations. Commvault Orchestrate allows customers to extend the value of their data sitting in secondary storage. Secondary copies of data can now be used for activities like accelerating dev/test routines or performing application migrations. Operations that were previously manual can now be orchestrated and automated, saving customers valuable time and money.
  • Commvault Activate – Commvault Activate lets users comply with privacy regulations by detecting and taking action on data risks, use data insights to drive file efficiencies and accountability and gives an enterprise the tools to reveal and extend the value of data across the enterprise.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery is stated to be easily licensed by capacity, instances, and optional end user add-ons. It can be purchased as either a modern subscription or traditional perpetual licensing. All of the backup and recovery administration as well as management features will be available on a single user interface. Commvault Complete leverages AI capabilities to help meef defined SLA’s and outcomes even in the event of a condition change.


Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Commvault HyperScale, Commvault Orchestrate, and Commvault Activate are available today. 

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery

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