by Lyle Smith

Compuverde & Microsoft Partner To Enable SMB File Transport Technology

Microsoft and data storage/cloud computing company, Compuverde, have announced a mutual license agreement that will enable access to Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) file transport technology for Compuverde’s software-defined storage (SDS) solution. This partnership is specifically meant to address the need for a comprehensive network file sharing protocol for enterprises as they continue to migrate some or all of their data and applications to the cloud. Moreover, both companies indicate that combining these two technologies will allow users to offload programs and files from multiple servers across multiple locations simultaneously.

SDS solutions (along with software-defined networks and data centers) have been accelerating in adoption recently with no sign of slowing in sight. This is first partnership between the two IT companies and complements Microsoft’s current drive to enable SDS solutions through their SMB program. The agreement also includes access to future generations of SMB. This partnership also extends SMB file transport services for non-Windows solutions.



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