by Adam Armstrong

Condusiv Releases Real-Time SAN Fragmentation Preventer

Today Condusiv Technologies (formally known as Diskeeper Corporation) announced the release of the industry’s first real-time fragmentation solution for SAN storage systems connected to physical servers, Diskeeper 15 Server. Diskeeper is designed to improve performance of both servers and physical storage.

While there is a general shift in the industry to move from physical servers to virtual servers, there are still roughly five million physical servers in production in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Of these servers in production, a majority of them represent mission-critical applications. Fragmentation can dampen the performance of mission-critical applications by 25% or more according to Plan B Technologies.

Diskeeper 15 Server prevents fragmentation from occurring allowing both servers and physical storage to keep running like new, as well as not needing to be taken offline for defragmentation maintenance. RAID controllers manage data at the physical disk layer to help fight file fragmentation, however it does nothing about fragmentation at the logical layer. Diskeeper prevents fragmentation at the logical disk layer providing benefits at both the compute and storage layers. For example if Windows sees a fragmented file existing as 25 different pieces, it will execute 25 different I/O operations to process the file. With Diskeeper, there should be much fewer files seen, fewer files I/O operations executed, which lowers overhead to process a given files. Condusiv claims that performance can be increased as much as 15-30%.

Businesses that are switching over to flash arrays should see a benefit as well. Since fragmentation at the logical layer is inherent in the fabric of Windows, the flash technology will still have a higher I/O overhead. Diskeeper will help organizations switching to flash get the most for their investments.

New features include:

  • IntelliWrite 2.0 has been enhanced to prevent fragmentation from occurring so files are written in an optimal sequential state for servers with local storage, Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN).
  • InvisiTasking 2.0 intelligent resource monitoring technology has been enhanced to allow Diskeeper “background” operations to run with near-zero resource impact on current activities.
  • Instant Defrag 2.0 has been enhanced to monitor volumes to resolve critically fragmented files in real-time that are known to cause performance problems, making it SAN-friendly.

Availability and Pricing

Diskeeper 15 is available now and starts at $399.95 per server.

Diskeeper product page

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