Accessories reviews balance between a spectrum of products from computer cases to video surveillance cameras and even to accessories that enable users to squeeze more storage into smaller footprints. Accessories reviews form a large catch-all to compile all of the tech extras that users require, but that don't quite fit into our other categories of SSDs, HDDs, SOHO NAS and the like.
by Brian Beeler

Samsung SE-S084D External DVD Drive Review

In mid-June Samsung released a rainbow array of ultra-thin external DVD drives. The drives come in seven colors and due to their minimalist take and sleek lines, the family picked up an iF Product Design Award. Designed for notebook and netbook users without an embedded optical drive, the Samsung SE-S084D promises to solve a lot of problems by being portable and able to handle most and DVD/CD reading or burning needs.

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by Thomas Sullivan

Aleratec HDD Copy Cruiser Mini Review

When upgrading your personal computer most items require very little work if you are just swapping out a single component. Swapping in a new processor or video card can take minutes and the gains are seen as soon as you turn the computer back on. Hard drive upgrades on the other hand require much more work, especially if you plan on upgrading the boot drive in your system. 

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