by Adam Armstrong

ControlUp Releases Version 8.1

ControlUp has announced its major new release in the version 8.1. In the latest release, users and given native integration with VMware Horizon and enhanced scalability. The company states that the release will also enable EUC admins to seamlessly manage Horizon environments and control enterprise-scale implementations from the ControlUp console.

Founded in 2008, by Asaf Ganot and Yoni Avital, ControlUp is a monitoring software company that sells its tools to help IT professionals manage, monitor and analyze virtual desktop and application performance. The company’s Real-time Console allows 24//7 monitoring and alerts of virtual desktops. The company also has a strong integration with XenDesktop to help visibility. On these two fronts, ControlUp is expanding with 8.1.

For real-time monitoring, ControlUp 8.1 introduces the real-time monitor cluster, allowing ITOps to manage and control up to 100,000 machines by adding additional monitor nodes to a Site, creating a monitor cluster. The company states that this new linear scalability shouldn’t affect its current real-time monitoring it is known for. User will still have the refresh of data in every cell every 3 seconds through rearchitecting how ControlUp Monitors operate.

The other big news related to this update is native integration with VMware Horizon. Now users will be able to seamlessly manage Horizon environments and add Horizon environments in a fast and easy manner. Horizon admins will get full-stack visibility from their Horizon Pods, to connections servers, to Desktop Pools, all the way down to the end users’ processes.


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