by Josh Shaman

Coraid and Splunk Technical Partnership Announced

Coraid and Splunk Inc. are announcing a technical partnership which provides the basis for Coraid EtherDrive and Splunk Enterprise to interoperate for high-performance data collection, indexing and analytics functionality. Bringing together the scale-out architecture of Coraid's EtherDrive and the functionality of Splunk's software enables enterprises to easily deploy analytics capabilities for their data. Further, Coraid’s Virtual DAS (VDAS) technology simplifies connecting multiple storage arrays over Ethernet to Splunk software so that organizations can scale storage independently from compute resources.

Specifically, Coraid provides block, file and storage management products that utilize the latest Ethernet-based storage networking. The EtherDrive arrays can scale to several petabytes, and that storage can be a mix of SATA and SAS HDDs or SSDs in each storage array.

Splunk Enterprise provides end-to-end analysis. It collects the data, indexes it, enables monitoring, and allows for analysis of just about any system-generated data, regardless of source, format or location. Some examples include: data streaming from packaged and custom applications, app and web servers, databases, VMs, operating systems, etc.

Coraid Scale-out Ethernet Storage


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