by Adam Armstrong

Cray Announces Tiered Storage Solution

At the 2014 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany, Cray Inc. has announced the launch of a new data management and protection solution for Lustre file systems. Using Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS), this new capability is designed to simplify the management and preservation of data stored on Lustre, that has up until now been impractical to backup or protect with enterprise-class technology.

From high-performance storage to deep-tape archives, the Cray TAS connector allows customers to a simple way to protect and move data across storage tiers and locations. Building on Lustre APIs for hierarchal storage management, Cray TAS uses a flexible tiered storage model to bridge high-performance storage to archives. The storage tiers can be composed of any media (SSD to tape), data access is transparent to users, and although Cray TAS capabilities are built on Linux and designed for big-data and super computing, the management tools are easy to use.

Key capabilities include:

  • Large file system support for nearline disk tiers measured in petabytes
  • Massive archive capacity for tape tiers measured in exabytes
  • Migration policies based on quotas
  • Single-point support for all hardware and software
  • Growing ecosystem of Linux tools
  • Comprehensive best-practices and architectures based on years of SAM-QFS knowledge and expertise

In addition to Cray TAS, the Company also offers Cray Sonexion, a scale-out Lustre system for high-performance storage, and Cray Cluster Connect, a complete, integrated Lustre storage solution for all x86 Linux clusters.


Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage is available now.

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