by Kevin OBrien

Crucial m4 0309 Firmware Update For 5200 Hour Bug Released

Crucial quickly released a firmware update for the 5200 hour bug recently found on the popular m4 SSD. This bug would cause systems that reached a total of 5184 hours on their m4 SSD to become unstable. Once restarted systems would be stable until another hour had passed. The 0309 firmware update released today fixes this problem and allows users to update directly to the latest version regardless if the current firmware revision is 0001, 0002, or 0009.

For a quick guide on how to update firmware on your Crucial m4 SSD, follow the guide we posted here. We cover how to load the updater onto a USB thumbdrive for easy upgrading without the use of a CDR or DVDR.

0309 Firmware Update

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