by Thomas Sullivan

Crucial Releases New 0007 Firmware For RealSSD C300

Today Crucial quietly released the latest firmware for the popular RealSSD C300. Aptly named 0007 (replacing version 0006) this firmware is intended to fix an outstanding issue that caused some performance issues for some users. The most common reason for upgrading to the latest firmware is if your C300 suffers from a stuttering issue that affecting some users.

The official launch date for this firmware is today, with files hitting the Crucial support page just minutes ago. Below is the information listed for the new 0007 firmware:

Change Log:

  • Improved product reliability.
  • Resolved performance anomaly which resulted in brief, intermittent pause in drive response time for some users.

Crucial has told us this firmware update is non-desctructive in nature, although as with all significant changes you should make sure your important data is backed up before undergoing the update process. Hit up our forum discussion if you happened to be one of the users affected from the stuttering problems, and let us know if this firmware update fixed it.

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