by Adam Armstrong

CTERA & HP Cloud Platforms Integrate

Today CTERA Networks announced that it has integrated its Enterprise File Services Platform with HP’s Cloud Service Automation (CSA). This integration enables IT to automate the deployment and management of enterprise file services across a hybrid cloud delivery model and enables IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) delivery of enterprise file services.

HP CSA helps IT departments quickly and easily build and deploy hybrid clouds. CSA gives users a “shopping cart” experience where they can easily select the service and options they need. HP CSA is flexible supporting multiple hypervisors, operating systems, public clouds, and third party tools. One of the third party options is now CTERA. The platform is designed to transform private or public cloud infrastructure into scalable, secure, business-critical data services, addressing the storage, data protection and collaboration needs of business users.

The integration is ideal for organizations that are looking to modernize their file services solutions and IT delivery models. From a single service control point, IT will be able to easily manage file services and accelerate deployment through a self-service portal for enterprise users.

HP Cloud Service Automation

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