by Adam Armstrong

CTERA Now Supports AWS S3 Standard-IA

Today CTERA Networks announced that it will be supporting Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) recently announced Amazon Simple Storage Service Standard-Infrequent Access (Amazon S3 Standard-IA). Earlier this week, Veritas also announced support for this new storage service. CTERA’s platform integrated with S3 Standard-IA enables companies to “bring their own” virtual private cloud storage to power several file services and data protection use cases all the while being 90% less total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional on-premises environment storage solutions.

In September Amazon announces a new, lower cost tier of storage with the S3 Standard-IA (along with a lower cost Glacier). The cost of this new tier of storage is $0.0125 per GB per month. The new storage service has all the benefits of S3 with lower costs and is aimed more for backups and logs or other frequently accessed data.

CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform for AWS combines Amazon S3 with on-premises cloud storage gateway appliances, managed end-point software agents, and mobile apps all in a unified, hybrid architecture that delivers storage, data protection, and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective solution. CTERA is also an AWS Partner Network Storage Competency Partner. CTERA’s support for S3 Standard-IA gives customers even great flexibility for deploying enterprise file services.

Without charging infrastructure costs, the CTERA Platform can be securely deployed on an organization’s virtual private cloud infrastructure of choice, such as Amazon S3. This combined with the new lower costs of S3 Standard-IA can help companies realize significant cost savings.

CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform for AWS

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