by Adam Armstrong

CTERA Releases CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.0

Today CTERA Networks announced that it was releasing version 5.0 of its Enterprise Data Services Platform. CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform is currently deployed by Global 1000 enterprises and leading cloud service providers. The platform is designed to transform private or public cloud infrastructure into scalable, secure, business-critical data services, addressing the storage, data protection and collaboration needs of business users.

The current release represents years of engineering effort aimed at unifying and extend capabilities under the CTERA Platform giving IT a single solution that ensures the complete privacy, governance, and security of organizational data. The CTERA Platform allows distributed enterprises and service providers to address all aspects of file storage (both online and offline), file sharing, and data protection from a secure and centrally managed solution that can be deployed entirely on the cloud infrastructure of their choice. With version 5.0, CTERA has combined software and hardware into a comprehensive data services platform. The Platform enables IT to easily create, deploy and manage storage-as-a-service solutions, including remote site storage, backup, file sync and share, and mobile collaboration.

Key benefits include:

  • Support for every data service in any location: CTERA’s Platform is the only solution to combine data protection, enterprise file sync and sharing and Remote Office / Branch Office NAS services in one solution. With 5.0, CTERA cloud storage gateways now feature integrated support for CTERA Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), extending the cloud and enabling collaboration and cloud-based file access to user and project data at LAN speeds.
  • Integrations with enterprise security and mobility software: CTERA 5.0 boasts new integrations with anti-malware software, enterprise mobility management tools and data loss prevention software to provide comprehensive security and governance across the data services continuum.
  • Functionality across every device, desktop and server: The Platform now supports VDI and Windows phone users, adding to pre-existing support for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android systems.
  • A natural, productive user experience: In addition to offering optional LAN access, CTERA 5.0 offers integrations with Microsoft Outlook, features integrated document editing, and provides an online document viewer for nearly 50 new document formats, including Microsoft Office files, medical images, CAD documents, high-resolution graphics and more.
  • Elegant and intuitive user interface: The CTERA 5.0 user interface features all new, simple consumer-grade data services that encourage the internal adoption of enterprise-sanctioned data services while eliminating the threat of Shadow IT.


CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.0 is available today

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