by Adam Armstrong

Cumulus Introduces Its Turn-Key Appliance, Cumulus Express

Today Cumulus Networks announced its first turn-key appliance, the Cumulus Express. According to Cumulus, its new appliance will include feature-rich Cumulus Linux, 1G through 100G hardware platforms, and compatible cables and optics. This combination of open networking software and switching hardware hits all ends of the spectrum from new organizations just now adopting web-scale networking principles to enterprises that already use their networking gear as appliances.

Cumulus has had a fairly good year. The company has seen a 200%+ increase in customer bookings and landed some high profile customers (28% of the Fortune 50). They were able to add several new hardware platforms, bringing the total to over 50. Along with this they introduced Cumulus Linux Network Command Line Utility, Cumulus OpenStack ML2 plugin, and gained VMware NSX vSphere certification, and the Solutions Marketplace.

On top of a stellar year for the company, Cumulus has decided to join the hardware game with the Cumulus Express. More and more companies are looking to adopt web-scale networking. Realizing this trend, Cumulus is providing a simple turn-key option to accelerate adoption. Cumulus Express is a switch that comes loaded with Cumulus Linux Network Operating System license. The Express also has a list of certified cables and optics for customers. Cumulus states that the Express comes with a complete portfolio of networking switches, ranging from 1G to 100G platforms.

Benefits include:

  • A single source for modern networking needs including switch, optics, cables, and Cumulus Linux pre-loaded
  • Accelerated time to first production with an out-of-the-box next-generation networking experience, including pre-activated license key and list of certified cables/optics making set-up straightforward
  • Superior support with integrated 24x7 global availability, giving customers an extended team to help maintain and grow their data center operations
  • A simple, streamlined ordering process through one single purchase order for the entire package
  • Easy to run by minimizing switch/optics incompatibility issues


Cumulus Express is available for order now.

Cumulus main site

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