by Lyle Smith

Cumulus Linux 4.0 and NetQ 2.4 Announced

Cumulus Networks has announced the most recent version of Cumulus Linux 4.0 and NetQ 2.4, promising its most feature-rich release to date. Last month, the company extended this software stack to campus networks. The latest version includes new support for the switch silicon, EVPN implementation for L2/L3 connectivity, increased visibility and troubleshooting with a NetQ cloud-based deployment model, comprehensive end-to-end network automation, and a single fabric across data center and campus networking environments. Last month, Cumulus Linux and NetQ for enterprises were extended to Campus Networks.

With this fourth-generation release, Cumulus believes that customers will have everything they need to meet modern network challenges, as this networking software is specifically designed to run and operate today’s data center and campus environments.

Cumulus Linux 4.0 features include:

  • Support for the widest range of hardware platforms: 134 platforms across 14 ASICs.
  • Newly added support for Mellanox’s Spectrum-2 chipset for faster performance, Broadcom’s Qumran chipset for deep buffering at the top of rack, Facebook’s Minipack-- an open, modular chassis with a single 12.8TB chip, and additional campus networking platforms.
  • Migration to the latest, and most advanced, Linux kernel for greater route scale. 
  • Support for SwitchDev, an open source in-kernel abstraction model, providing a standardized way to program switch ASICs and speed development time.
  • Enhancements to our EVPN implementation (EVPN-PIM and EVPN multi-homing) for Layer 2/Layer3 connectivity, making it the simplest, most scalable, and easiest to configure EVPN solution.  
  • Comprehensive end-to-end automation for CI/CD workflows including simulation, validation, troubleshooting and NetDevOps practices such as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC).
  • The ability to build a single fabric across data center and campus environments enabling a common operational model.

In addition, NetQ 2.4 allows users to quickly validate the root cause of network issues across data center and campus fabrics via real-time telemetry data. New enhancements include: 

  • Additional deployment models, including an as-a-service cloud-delivery option.
  • Integration with Mellanox’s What Just Happened (WJH) feature for deeper visibility at the packet layer.
  • Increased validation capabilities, including closed loop verification of automated configurations.

Cumulus Networks

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