by Adam Armstrong

Customers Can Now Control Pivot3’s vSTAC OS Through VMware vCenter Server

Pivot3 announced the release of a plug-in for its vSTAC OS Management Client Integration. This new plug-in connects directly with VMware vCenter Server and gives administrators a single point of control, through VMware interface, for Pivot3's global hyper-converged infrastructure technology.

In October Pivot3 announced that it was bringing its vSTAC OS 7 to VMware vSphere 6. However, administrators had to access Pivot3 vSTAC manager and the VMware vCenter Server client separately. With this new plug-in administrators will be able to manage their vSphere and Pivot3 hyper-converged platforms from a central vCenter console.

Features that will now be able to be monitored include:

  • Preventative failure: Administrators can identify and monitor drives beginning to fail. Pivot3 vSTAC OS 7's high fault tolerance allows systems to restart automatically in case of appliance failures.
  • Virtual global sparing: Automatic failover to virtual spare prevents drive failures from affecting business continuity.
  • Status of rebuilds: Users can monitor the status of the rebuild process, which begins immediately upon drive failure.
  • Storage efficiency: Graphical representations illustrate storage usage and availability, allowing administrators to adjust storage strategy and execution at any point in time.

Pivot3 vSTAC OS

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